Female whole body photo

Female bust shot

Female back shot of the upper body

Q. May I know your name?

A. I'm Natsumi Iida.

Q. What is the point of this cordinate today?

A. Based on black, and I made it red and yellow accent.

Q. How often do you wear a kimono?

A. It’s about once a month.

Q. What did you care about wearing the kimono with this weather and temperature?

A. Because it was humid, I used a korin - belt, used a rubber cord, and devised to reduce the strings used in kimonos. I did not use the Obi-ita too. If you reduce the number of cords used for the belt or do not use the Obi-ita, there is an effect that the waist is cooler.


Location: Kiyosumishirakawa Google MAP

Obi of a cat pattern

Cat hair ornament

Female whole body photo

Female bust shot

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