Practice wear

When you take traditional Japanese classes such as shamisen (a three-stringed Japanese banjo), Japanese dancing, flower arrangement and so on, it is preferably with kimono.  However it depends on a teacher and a type of the school.

Hang out

Going out in a kimono is very fun. You can go anywhere in a kimono. There are formal and casual kimonos therefore it is important to chose them based on the time place and occasion.

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Kimono is equal match in brilliance to an evening dress. You can dress kimonos not only for cerebrations like weddings but also gatherings and home parties. If you wear a kimono, the place will become more gorgeous.


Japanese people wear kimonos at ceremonies and events at auspicious turning points in their lives like the wedding ceremony, the festivals to celebrate children's growth, and the coming-of-age ceremony.

Casual wear

If it is casual ocassions, you can coordinate kimonos anything you like. Enjoy casual kimonos such as komon, tsumugi and momen for daily use.


kimonos are worn as a working wear. Not only Japanese cultural worker but also an ordinary office worker can wear them.


Shopping in a kimono is a lot of fun. Wear a favorite kimono and walk along the street for window-shopping, curio city and department stores and so on.



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