Most people love to travel in the spring and autumn since the climate is mild and confortable in Japan.

There are beautiful green leaves and variety of flowers especially cherry blossoms.

In spring, it suits well with pale tone kimonos like sakura pink, rape blossoms yellow and bright green.

Don’t forget a shawl or a HAORI jacket in spring. It is still cold in a morning and a night.


In summer, the southeasterly wind marks the pacific side very hot and humid.  When you wear kimono in summer, it is important to feel cool atmosphere.  So people use cold color like white, indigo blue and light blue and so on..  The summer wear is woven with ‘ro’ (it is kind of silk gauze) or ‘sha’ (another kind of silk gauze).  Hemp kimonos are also often worn in summer.  The autumn and winter patterns like snow rings, colored leaves and autumn flowers are popular and they look cool.


The lingering summer heat of Japan is tough.  In early September, it is popular autumn-like pattern in kimono such as balloon flower, bush clover and cricket.  From the middle of September, rice plants, grapes, chestnuts and persimmon patterns are suitable and they remind us of a successful harvest on the autumn.  Warm colors like vermillion, orange, brown and mustard are often used as a whole in autumn.  The weather is going to get colder.  We should have a shawl or coat against cold.


The period of time when you feel bleak due to the desolate winter scene.  However, there are various events such as a year-end party, Christmas party, a new year, new-year party.  It is one of the happiest seasons of the year.  Chic kimonos with celebratory colors look fabulous for that season.  Let’s enjoy spring-like colors in a new year and give it a different atmosphere.

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