Hanhaba obi

HANHABA OBI is a kind of women's obi sash used on casual kimonos or yukata.

It is half witdth of FUKURO-OBI or NAGOYA-OBI. You can enjoy various types of tying this obi.

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Nagoya obi

NAGOYA-OBI is a kind of woman's obi belt used on casual kimono like KOMON or TSUMUGI.

There are some NAGOYA-OBI which are as luxurious as FUKURO-OBI. you can be able to use them on formal occasions.

Fukuro obi

FUKURO-OBI is a kind of obi sash that is usually used on formal occasions. It is about 4m20cm in legnth.

A delicate embroidery with a gold or silver thread is good for formal style.

It is tied not only niju-daiko but also more gorgeous style such as bunko or tateya.

Heko obi

HEKO-OBI is a kind of obi belt originally used by men and children.

Now, it became popular among women especially when they wear yukata.

there are several kinds of texture like tie-dyed, a thin chiffon and a pleated cloth.

Kaku obi

KAKU OBI is a kind of men’s obi sash used on both casual and formal kimono.

It is about 10 centimeters wide and 4 meters long. There are various kinds of textiles such as silk, cotton, wool and synthetic fibers.

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