EDO-KOMON is characterized by dyed using a paper pattern. You cannot see the big difference between EDO-KOMON and IROMUJI from a distance.

It depends on design, but EDO-KOMON exhibits a high formality because it used to be worn by a feudal lord.

For that reason, the EDO-KOMON can be worn as fromal or full dress with luxurious obi belt.

Title Created Date
9-March-2018@Higashi-ginza 09 March 2018
13-February-2018@Ginza 13 February 2018
14-May-2017@Tsukishima 14 May 2017
10-January-2017@Himonya 10 January 2017
18-December-2016@Around Tokyo Station 18 December 2016
18-September-2016@Kagurazaka 18 September 2016
4-June-2016@Eitai Bridge 04 June 2016
26-May-2016 26 May 2016
10-May-2016@Kabuki-za 10 May 2016
3-April-2016@Zenfukujigawa 03 April 2016